QR Code Tools and Reporting

QRe8 Campaign Manager

Our user-friendly Campaign Manager gives you everything you need to create your QR Campaigns and QR Codes. Easily set-up campaigns for each of you initiaitves then simply generate QR Codes for those campaigns. Our Manager allows you to keep everything organized and in one place for complete control and easy navigation. With our Manager, you always have the option to nimbly refine a campaign as it unfolds. For example, you are able to re-point the code to a fresh offer on you web or mobile site at any time. This helps extend the life and reach of your campaigns and codes.

QRe8 QR Code Tracking & Reporting

Whether you need reporting on an indiviudal code or on an entire campaign of codes the QRe8 Campaign Manager delivers the best reporting available. Our Campaign Manager allows you to view and track real-time reports on total scans, unique scans, geo-location scans, i.p data, mobile device data, mobile platform data and more. This sophisticated data collection and analysis measures ROI like never before.

Please contact us to have a strategy manager discuss your needs with you directly.