The QRe8 Custom QR Code Giveaway

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The New York Times QR Code

The QRe8 Custom QR Code Giveaway is now over. Please stay tuned to find out who our lucky winners are. Happy Twittering and thank you! Sincerely, The QRe8 Team ...

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9 reasons your company should use QR codes in your marketing campaigns

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Elle Canada QR Code

QR Codes are beginning to take off in North America. If you are not familiar with QR Codes, or if you need reassurance as to why your company should begin to use them, here is our list of 9 reasons: 1. Easily connect people to your online properties from offline assets …rather than writing down a ...

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the QR code belt buckle

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qr code belt buckle

Hold up your jeans and let anybody who gets close enough to you (wink wink) scan you. Sounds good to me :) The QR Code Belt Buckle ...

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the QR code scarf

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QRe8 QR Code Scarf

Just in time for the cold weather. Here is the an amazing application - think of all the other ways QR Codes could be used on on and with textiles. The QR Code Scarf ...

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the QR tombstone?

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QRe8 QR Code Tombstone

Ok so this one is a little morbid but it's actually a great way to celebrate your loved ones if you think about the great content the code could link to. Behold the QR Code Tombstone ...

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humans not permitted!

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district 9 no humans allowed

Very cool promotion for the movie District 9 at a New York Subway Station Love the tape! ...

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sand castle QR code?

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sand castle QR code

As we have seen over the past few months - QR Codes are certainly making their way to the North American market. They have appeared in major advertisements, art galleries, business cards and even on Jumbotrons during football games. As QR Code marketers it is our duty to continuously educate the pu...

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logos today - fully designed QR codes tomorrow?

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QRe8 QR Code Logo

We spoke about design and QR Codes in a few of my last posts. It is obvious that this is indeed going to be the future for QR Codes and other 2d Codes. Brands will want to differentiate their codes from their competitors but also be able to integrate their codes into their print campaigns (whatever ...

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code design: embedded logo's

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BBC Logo

Based on the tremendous response I received from my post yesterday about QR Codes and design we continued to play around today. As we mentioned in our post yesterday the BBC incorporated their logo into a QR Code last year. We here at QRe8 have tried to duplicate those efforts. Please let us know w...

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QR code design: to be, or not to be?

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I hardly need to point out that many things are beautiful in their pure, naked form. But what about QR codes? Well, that’s in the eye of the beholder. Still, we’re definitely witnessing a QR graphic design renaissance where the code itself has become a canvas. Take Morikami’s earlier oeuvre fo...

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