How do you view mobile content - Web Browser or App?

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wired app

Apple has sold 2 million iPads in 59 days. That's quite amazing to say the least. Even more impressive is the projected sales of mobile "Touch" screen devices in 2010. According to Gartner Research 362.7 million "Touch" devices will be sold in 2010 and by 2013 "Touch" devices will account for 58...

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the list of massive Brands Using QR Codes

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Many people are asking if 2010 will be the year of QR Codes. We think the answer is a resounding "YES!" But you might think we're biased because we live and breathe QR Codes. So please don't take our word for it. First, take a look at this Google Trends Chart which shows a steady increase in th...

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Mobile Data Traffic To Increase 40% Over Next 5 Years. Are You Prepared?

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A new report released by Coda Research Consultancy suggests that mobile data traffic will increase to 40% by 2015, which they largely attribute to the surge in iPhone and Android sales along with other smartphones. In fact, the report further states that by 2012, 95% of all mobile web traffic will c...

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Are you built to touch?

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QRe8 Touch Web

So your first question probably is, “what exactly is the Touch Web?” The answer is simple. The Touch Web refers to all the mobile websites out there that are built specifically for touch screen devices – such as iPhones and iPads, the Blackberry Storm, the Nexus One, Android devices and many ...

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Not all QR Codes are QRe8'ed equally

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Complex QR Code

When we developed the platform and QR Code generator we had 2 major objectives: Make the process as easy as possible for our clients Create QR codes that have a scan success rate as close to 100% as possible For sure, there will always be scan scenarios that will have nothing to do with t...

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QRe8 cracks the code on ctv’s webnation

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Amber Mac Webnation

QRe8 managing partner, Erik Goldhar, recently appeared on CTV’s Webnation with Amber Mack—the final word on all things interactive. The segment’s focus was the humble barcode on the 57th anniversary of its official patent. Naturally the show segued to QR codes, where Erik and Amber enlightened...

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7 reasons open 2D codes are better than closed platform codes

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open door qr code platform

Is it possible that the Microsoft Tag code platform (a closed source platform) could ever become the industry standard for 2D Codes? So went the debate this weekend on a Linkedin group site we’re members of. Our platform is built on open standards. As we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, w...

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fueled by creativity... committed to quality

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Elle Canada Custom QR Code

Because we're committed to uncompromising quality at QRe8, each and every one of our XM Codes™ goes through rigorous cross-platform testing before it’s released to our client, and ultimately the market. So, to illustrate the seamless scanning performance of our codes on a variety of phones and r...

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9 reasons your company should use QR codes in your marketing campaigns

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Elle Canada QR Code

QR Codes are beginning to take off in North America. If you are not familiar with QR Codes, or if you need reassurance as to why your company should begin to use them, here is our list of 9 reasons: 1. Easily connect people to your online properties from offline assets …rather than writing down a ...

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the QR code belt buckle

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qr code belt buckle

Hold up your jeans and let anybody who gets close enough to you (wink wink) scan you. Sounds good to me :) The QR Code Belt Buckle ...

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