logos today - fully designed QR codes tomorrow?

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QRe8 QR Code Logo

We spoke about design and QR Codes in a few of my last posts. It is obvious that this is indeed going to be the future for QR Codes and other 2d Codes.

Brands will want to differentiate their codes from their competitors but also be able to integrate their codes into their print campaigns (whatever they may be) in a more eye-pleasing, seamless and creative way.

The starting point for this is obviously integrating the corporate or brand logo.

We at QRe8 have been putting a ton of effort into this recently.

The requirements must be:
1. The code is scanable
2. The code is trackable

We are a few days away from launching QRe8 - our QR Code Strategy and Marketing Company.

We have created our branded QRe8 QR Code - for now the link in the code currently points to our FB Page.

We have also created a simple branded QR Code for the Erik's Brain Blog - you can check it out here.


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