the URL killer with global pull

In Japan and Europe—and now increasingly in the U.S. and Canada—QR codes tag everything from fashion boutique windows to fresh fruit. Advertising, brand-building and promotion will never look the same, in great part because of the ability for powerful, real time data collection and analysis; and more meaningful and experiential ways to connect brands and consumers.

QR codes, literally short for “quick response” (which is a type of 2D code) quite simply, like all 2D codes, eliminate the need to manually type a URL into a mobile phone or device—an otherwise unlikely action for most mobile users. Instead, people easily download a code scanner, then point and scan to instantly connect to information they actually want, versus information pushed to them.

Dubbed the “URL killer” by the mobile phone industry, most codes direct you to mobile sites, while others connect varying types of media or information from simple information on a product, to news, images, gossip, messages, promotional offers, downloads for ringtones, wallpapers, video… the destinations are endless.

QR Readers

Reading a QR Code requires scanning software be installed on your mobile phone. Many feature and smart phone manufacturers have begun to pre-install QR code readers, but for those that don't, readers are very easy to download, and most are free for nearly every type of device. To download the proper reader for your phone please click here to choose the right QR reader for your mobile.